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Compliance Officer Portal - Ethics
The events with the most significant impact and influence in the development of compliance programs are the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations, and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
The Ethics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA) is a non-consulting, member-driven association exclusively for individuals who are responsible for their organization's ethics, compliance, and business conduct programs.
The only organization of its kind, it is the largest group of business ethics and compliance practitioners in the world.

The ECOA brings together people who are new to the field, as well as those with years of experience to share. Through the ECOA, practicing ethics and compliance officers address the tough issues they face every day.
Members learn from one another and, in turn, help to foster a global commitment to ethics and integrity.
The collegiality of ECOA members has been our strength and the principal source of our ability to create a trusting and frank environment for all.
We draw value from the diversity of cultures and industries represented among our members and from the sincerity and character of our colleagues.

The ECOA is a non-profit, 501(c)(6) association, which derives all of its revenue from members' dues, conferences and other meeting fees, and financial contributions.

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Book Review:
An Introduction to Business Ethics (Paperback) by Joseph R. DesJardins (Author)

Product Description
Since its inception An Introduction to Business Ethics, by Joseph Desjardins has been a cutting-edge resource for the business ethics course.
DesJardin's unique approach encompasses all that an introductory business ethics course is, from a multidisciplinary perspective. It offers critical analysis and integrates the perspective of philosophy with management, law, economics, and public policy.

About the Author
Joe DesJardins is Professor in the philosophy department formed jointly by the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University in Minnesota. He presently serves as the Executive Director of the Society for Business Ethics.
Among his publications are: An Introduction to Business Ethics (McGraw Hill), Environmental Ethics: An Introduction to Environmental Philosophy (Wadsworth), of Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics, co-editor, with John McCall, (5th Ed, Wadsworth) , and the forthcoming Business, Ethics, and Sustainability: Ethics for the Next Industrial Revolution (Prentice Hall).
He received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and taught for many years at Villanova University before moving to Minnesota.

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